Why Feature Lighting Matters & How It Can Shape Your Entire Outdoor Space!!

Why Feature Lighting Matters & How It Can Shape Your Entire Outdoor Space!!

How Feature Garden Lights Can Bring Your Home To Life

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Your garden is a source of pride and joy. Having friends and family round into your garden in the evening for a few drinks or a BBQ is one of the most enjoyable things you can do on a summer evening. 

And just as you proudly showcase your indoor decor, your outdoor space is just as important. If your garden appears bland and unkempt with no feature lighting, your endeavor to give rise to a monumental evening may fall short of expectations.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to combat a lack of atmosphere in your garden and make your outdoor space look infinitely more magical. What is it?

Feature Garden Lighting of course! 

With the addition of feature lighting, even the most tired and drab garden can look like a modern contemporary luxury resort with very little effort.

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What Exactly Are Feature Garden Lights?

Feature garden lighting is multiple low output night lights dotted around the garden in significant places, lighting up important feature points such as; flowers, trees, pools, fish tanks, bbq areas and creative architecture you would like to enhance. 

This can also be accomplished with coloured and submerged lighting, anything to draw the eye closer to your garden accomplishments and away from things you don’t want to be seen.

So which types of lighting can you use?

There are many different types of garden lights to choose from. Like previously mentioned, colour can be used to create an ambient atmosphere. But what type of lighting you can realistically use will depend on wiring and whether you can utilize it in the space you have. 

If you're on a shoestring budget, then two great options are solar lights or battery operated. Both of these have great applications in their own unique way so it’s important to understand what type of lights work for certain areas of the garden.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Solar lights?

Once installed, solar lights pretty much take care of themselves and produce an energy bill of precisely zero. 

They’re usually cheaper than hardwired lighting systems, meaning you won't have to splash out too much on buying them. So how about the pitfalls? 

Well, although solar lighting has come a long way in the last decade with increased battery life and energy-efficient LEDs, you might struggle to get enough power running through them on overcast winter days. For this reason, we recommend to use them as a secondary lighting effect. 

The most ideal place to use solar lights in your garden is running down the side of a path or driveway, which can draw just enough light to create a visual border but not enough to accentuate it too much.

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What about battery-powered lights?

Are battery-powered lights sufficiently bright enough and can I use them in the garden?

Yes! You can certainly use battery-powered lights in a garden setting. These can also be very effective for adding an atmospheric glow to your garden. Battery lights can be remotely operated, are submersible, colour changing, and even mobile. 

The obvious flaw of battery lights is most certainly having to change the batteries out for new ones. 

This inconvenience can be lessened slightly by purchasing rechargeable batteries and a charger, although you'll still need to replace them at some point! However, one way of extending the battery life dramatically is to use a remote control to operate them and use them only when you're making use of the space.

These type of lights make a bold statement, so focus the light onto a visually spectacular part of your garden, like a tree or planting area you want to light up at the touch of a button. As mentioned before these lights can be colour-changing and moveable, so can mix up the look of your garden according to your creativity.

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Hardwired lights have the best switching applications!

Lastly, if your budget can stretch to running wires through your garden, then as far as longevity goes, these will be the best option. 

You get a better variety of choices for sure and operated in a number of different ways including passive inferred sensor, also known P.I.R (picks up heat movement) which requires to be directed at a certain area with usually a 12m range of field. Or microwave sensors (acts like sonar) which can be hidden in the night lights themselves or in adaptable boxes, but with a limited range of 2-5m. 

These are great to use around walkways and close to buildings, as each light automatically turns on and off as you walk past them!

Photocell's are another great way to control garden lighting. By using natural light to switch on and off, switching on at night and off in the morning, this can add an automatic security feature to your property. 

This application is used mainly for low energy lamps as the light itself be running all through the night.

Remote switching are more common in seating and entertainment areas because sometimes you need full control of everything around you. Whether it's a controller or fixed light switches, while seated, you’re the master of lights!

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The Golden Rules of Lighting For Your Garden

Whichever night lights you decide to use to dazzle your guests and become a proud garden owner, be sure to remember these golden rules for maximum impact.

Rule 1

Rule number one of professional lighting is: Covered lighting usually always creates a more striking impression. What this ultimately means is, you want to aim your lighting upwards or downwards without being able to see the light "bulb" or getting bedazzled by the glow. 

If you can see the lighting effect but not the light itself, you're on the right path. 

Rule 2

Rule number two is: Small, Subtle and Secluded. Just as the saying goes, you want your lights to be small and hidden if possible without drawing too much attention to one particular light.

Rule 3

Lighting rule number three is: The more the merrier. Lots of small well-positioned lights always trump a few large casting lights. And that’s it!

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Illuminate Up your Garden, Light Up Your Life

It’s important to take pride in your garden and create an experience worth boasting about. When your garden is warm, inviting, and perfectly lit, there’s no better feeling than watching your guest’s eyes light up too. 

When thinking about feature garden lighting, take tips from theme parks, restaurants and hotels, which are always designed by architects who are professionally trained in mood and atmospheric lighting effects. 

But most of all, just have fun with it and remember to design a space which makes you happy.  And ultimately results in many joy-filled evenings and entertaining nights.

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